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All the Scale-Up stage & Blooming stage participants would receive a participation certificate via email within a month from the event completion date approximately.


[ Vibrant Gujarat Grand Challenge ]

What does the India of the future look like? Technological advances have transformed the world over the last decades: what’s next?

Do you have an idea which will contribute to the betterment of life in India? A growing population can embrace technology and innovation to improve access to the globalised world, increase revenues, decrease costs of production and general lifestyle enhancements. This years’ Grand Challenge seeks for innovative solutions that addresses the problems of India under 8 themes– AgriTech, FinTech, Smart & Shared Mobility, Women Centric Solutions, Manufacturing 4.0, Governance 2030, Maritime and Military Intelligence and HealthTech.


[ Themes ]

Registrations closes by 10th September

Smart & Shared Mobility
Women Centric Solutions
Manufacturing 4.0
Governance 2030
Maritime and Military Intelligence

Please Note

Applicant whose project does not qualify in any of the eight themes mentioned above can apply in 'Others'.

[ Idea Stage ]

The applicant should have a ground-breaking idea thought through, based on reality having a socially beneficial solution. Having a business plan to demonstrate that this solution will be viable in the market would be a bonus.

There will be 25 prizes of INR 10,000 each.

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[ Blooming Stage ]

The applicant should have a product/service which has a proof of concept or is feasible in the market. The applicant must be able to demonstrate an operational model in real world conditions with a prototype made and some initial field trials conducted. The startup should be in existence for 0 - 3 months. Basic customer or user feedback would be a bonus. 

Blooming Stage (3 prizes)

1st prize: INR 3L

2nd prize: INR 2L

3rd prize: INR 1L

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[ Scale Up Stage ]

The applicant should have functional prototype of the product/service that is commercially scalable and must have done market trials and have substantial positive customer feedback; and must have some initial revenue generated, proving the price point.  The startup should be generating the revenue for more than 3 months to 5 years. The applicant must demonstrate that the product or service proposed can be scaled in the market.

Scale-up Stage (4 Super Jury prizes and 12 consolation prizes)Super Jury (4 prizes)

1st prize: INR 30 L

2nd prize: INR 27 L

3rd prize: INR 25 L

4th prize: 22 L

INR 12 L each (12 Consolation Prizes)

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